Bike Configurator

  • Frame set, fork, bb, dropouts 772 eur
  • finisch powder or anodised +205 eur
  • Bicycle parts complete 3 sp +866 eu
  • Bicycle parts complete 7 sp + 953 eu
  • front/ rear disc +79 eur each
  • Shimano steps moto + 1653 eu
  • Load adaptor plate +107 eur
  • Floorboard +72 eur
  • front carrier 58 eur
  • boxes + 125 eur depending on size
  • assembly + 375 eur
  • Workshop +208 eur    
  • Shipping TBD 

Starting from 772 eur

depending on options

Please contact for pricing

Versie 2

#5 Dimensions ?

  • Total length of 185 cm same as regular city bike. And a step trough of 56cm.

  • Frame size 52cm.
  • In which seat tube is measured to bottom bracket (spindle to pedals) So you measure inseem, and ad  17cm( for Crank) to frame size 52 cm, and ad about 5 cm (for saddle, depending on saddle shape), now you know if you will fit this bike. Or we have to shorten the seat tube, to make it fit. One size fist all.

  • Load adapter plate is 73 cm long, and 28 min to 48 max widh.
  • We have a special adjustable load addapter plate with different options for bumpers/ side boards. it has holes for Urban iki carrier seat connector. to put two rear seats on adapter plate.

  • Its a 20 inch wheel size.
  • With beefy tires making 55cm in Dia and 60 mm wide.
  • Speed will easily match that of normal city bike, even loaded. And for the 7 speed derailler bikes, speed can be simular to a trekking bike.
  • Its about 20kg, and 25kg for the electric assisted bike. 
  • Here is where the magic happens, this is super light for a cargo bike. Please load 20 kilo's on your normal bike, thats how a regular cargo bike feels, so they adjust the gearing- speed drops a lot. and than you are going to ad load say 70kg? So thats how we make a fast cargo bike.
  • We make it a lot lighter!

  • Load max 150 kg, to keep things safe.

  • Handle bar reach  is 60 cm away from saddle in basic setup with reach of 10 cm in handle bar stem, so with a shorter reach you can have handle bar closer to you.
  • Seat tube is straight up, so big or small riders will have same distance to load. 

  • Its 105 heigh with handle bar up.
  • And you can get it as small as 75 with handle bar out and sadlle out, if you even take wheels of you can drop it a 25 cm more, so you will end up with 50 cm height.  

  • Price will depend on parts. Please check with us, Prices range from 1700 to say 4800 euro. 

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