Cargo bike revolution

Workshop build your bike


Put these parts together in one of our workshops, and you have your long tail cargo bike.

We have test bikes in the workshop lokation, so you can try what parts you prefer, in the gears/brakes, handle bars and saddle's dep.

Workshop events are planned in advance, and will get about 8 builders together making their bike.

At the end of the workshop, family and friends are welcome to celabrate your new bike, and  your claim on the "I can do that "

Please leave us a message, if you have any questions, or want to know dates for workshops

Urban mobility solution


Number5unexplained is the solution for urban mobility. She is a long tail cargo bike, designed to carry people, pets, and stuff. She is light and agile, fits in a bicycle parking space, and can be taken on train and metro (in some cities also on buses). Number5unexplained sets a new standard in bicycle design, production and distribution.

The monocoque frame of Number5unexplained is designed and produced using digital technologies. The box bike’s frame is laser-cut and CNC-bent from a single sheet of lightweight aluminum. This gives her a distinctive look and allows us to produce her frame in small quantities and in your area.

You assemble her yourself, in one of our workshops. These workshops take place in small groups and help to create a social and supportive system around your bike. Since you build her yourself, you know how to make sure she stays safe and in good condition, if necessary with some help from your assembly group. We develop Number5unexplained in a continuous process, based on the feedback we receive from you, during our workshops and afterwards.

Book a workshop and buy a bike? Organize a workshop in your area? Contact us for more information. info@number5unexplained.nl

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